Going through university is a complex journey for every student and key transitions can be particularly overwhelming. The myriad of emotional, academic and social pressures students face make going to university one of life’s biggest challenges. In recent years universities have seen the demand for student mental health support and counselling soar. The IPPR reported a five-fold increase in the numbers of students disclosing mental health conditions and suicide rates amongst students now exceed the national average.

The need for more one-to-one support for some students is clear. However, for the majority of students, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to successfully manage their own health can make the difference between spiralling down or keeping afloat.

We know that the right news, delivered through the right channels and at the right time, can improve health and wellbeing for good.

The Unihealth team is part of Thrive – behaviour change communication experts who specialise in health. We have over 15 years’ experience delivering expert health and behaviour change content to millions of people worldwide. Working with major health organisations, NGOs and government departments around the globe, our messaging programmes have measurable impact and are changing lives for the better.

We saw an opportunity to make a big difference to student wellbeing, using our proven methods and experience.

The Unihealth programme was launched.

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