NHS Self Care Week

Alex Townsend

This week is NHS Self Care Week. Buzzwords aside, self care plays an essential role in maintaining positive wellbeing and resilience.

University students deal with a range of stresses and pressures, so looking after themselves is crucial.

We’ve pulled together 8 easy selfcare tips for you to share with your students. Sharing is (self) caring! (OK that one wrote itself.)

#1 Seize some ‘me’ time

Just do what you want to do. No sharing, no fitting in around other people. Just you. Do whatever you need to recharge your batteries.

#2 Declutter

Clutter in your life can be stressful. Why not take a bag of clothes you never wear anymore to a charity shop? It does good for you, and others.

#3 Go offline for a day

Switch your mobile off. Live a day in the real world, not the virtual one. Wander to a new place, talk to people around you or decorate your bedroom.

#4 A random act of kindness

Do something nice for someone. Helping others will help to improve your mood.

#5 Fix something

Gather all those broken items and get mending. Sew on a missing coat button. Stick torn pages in a book together again. Stitch up a hole in your favourite sweater. It’s therapy for your mind as well as useful.

#6 Walk away

Literally. Take a break and escape into the fresh air. It’s a great way to gain some perspective or motivation on starting that essay.

#7 Sweet smells

We often forget about our sense of smell but we shouldn’t. The part of the brain that registers smells is close to our emotional receptors. Add some smells you really like to your day. Fruit in a bowl, fresh flowers or earthy coffee are all great options!

#8 A little indulging

Eat your favourite food, watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite music. Make time to be kind to yourself and reward you for being you.