Unihealth are social-media sized messages that can be sent directly to students’ phones. We are the first company in the UK to offer students the support they need in this format.

Unihealth is not an app; it is wellbeing content. It is a mechanism for you to talk to your students through the social channels you are using already, in a voice they will listen to.

Unlike an app, Unihealth does not require any downloads. It can be quickly and easily updated or amended. Plus, it can be fully personalised for your university.

Timing is everything

The programme walks the journey with the student through their fresher’s year, as well as year one and final years if required. Relevant messages coincide with key challenges, such as freshers’ week, exams and week 5 blues. We ensure the right advice will be delivered at the optimum time.

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Preparing for university is a crucial time for new students. Unihealth starts sending messages in August, giving students tips and support so they feel ready for their transition to university life.


Freshers’ week is a whirlwind for new students. Our research identified the top issues students face during this busy time, such as coping with peer pressure, alcohol and drugs, sexual health and social anxiety. Unihealth provides expert advice to students on these and other relevant issues.


Financial difficulties were considered a top mental distress trigger by 47% of students (NUS, 2013). In the run-up to holidays students face loans running out and the expense of Christmas (for the majority who celebrate). Unihealth supports them with ideas to make their money last longer and prepares them for adjusting to life back home during the holidays.


Research shows that winter months are a particular challenge for young adults. Amongst many other things, Unihealth supports students with tips and strategies on maintaining positive wellbeing to beat the winter blues. Around New Year we encourage students to reflect on the past year and to view the new term as a new chapter.


Unsurprisingly, exam season is when academic pressure reaches its peak. Unihealth messages help students convert excess stress into stronger performances. There are mind and body resources that help students to keep themselves in top gear.

The science of behaviour change

Student eye level
Our messages are written in a non-paternalistic tone, at peer level. Students in our focus groups said that one big draw to our programme is that the Unihealth voice is like that of a friend and acknowledges students as ‘experts in themselves’.
Normalising behaviour
Unihealth normalises (normal) behaviour. Messages encourage students to gain confidence in managing their own health and to learn to meet their own needs more successfully. By giving students the knowledge and skills to self-triage, Unihealth aims to reduce pressure on university support services.
By engaging and empowering students, we aim to give them the tools to make the right choices regarding their physical and mental wellbeing. We also aim to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness which we know are contributory factors to depression, suicide, dropping out of university or becoming vulnerable to radicalisation.

3 easy steps to Unihealth

Plan & personalise
We will work with you to establish your institution’s unique needs and personalise the Unihealth programme to meet your needs.
Our team will work with you in recruiting your students onto the programme.
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