Imagine if every student could realise their full potential at university.

We believe the key is effective wellbeing support. We partner with universities to deliver this support to students, through the UK’s first ever health and wellbeing messaging programme for university students.

Unihealth helped me when I was struggling with homesickness.
Absolutely amazing.
As an international student I am very grateful to receive so much help. It makes me feel more comfortable and helps me settle in.
Unihealth helped me to know how to approach my daily challenges such as how to deal with stress and assignment guidelines.
I am very glad that the uni is trying to support us, not just academically. I would definitely encourage other universities to use Unihealth as well.
Unihealth helped me not only with my university life but my home life as well.
I think it’s really good how your programme is planned out. You think about what we really need.
Unihealth has helped me get through my first year at uni.
I would absolutely recommend Unihealth. The messages include up-to-date, really useful information for new students.
When I really needed help, a message happened to come through that was so relevant. It was as if you knew what I was going through.
It is good that my university provides this service. Being an international student, it helped me quite a lot to cope with my new life at the university.
Unihealth helped me understand that I'm not alone and I don't have to go through my struggles all by myself.
of students said Unihealth gave them useful tips and coping techniques
of students felt Unihealth helped them to feel more supported at university
of students said Unihealth helped them to have a positive experience in their first year at university
of students said Unihealth helped them feel more connected with their university

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Our Unihealth programme:

Early intervention and preventative support
Unihealth promotes the wellbeing of all students wherever they are on the mental health continuum. Using behavioural science we give them the tools to adopt positive health behaviours and empower them to self-serve or act early to seek help if they need it.
Empowering students
We help students to gain the tools and confidence to manage their own health. We use behaviour change techniques to engage and empower students to help them flourish. Our content speaks to students at peer level, in a friendly voice.
Support through transitions
Timed, relevant messages help students through key transitions. From pre-arrival onwards, we walk the journey with them pre-empting their needs and providing a constantly present support system.
Customised for your university
Tailored for your calendar, culture and community. Unihealth works hand-in-hand with your university support services, signposting students to the right services and resources.
Insightful analytics
Our platform analytics help universities improve their wider support and safeguarding strategies. Bespoke instant surveys and snap-polls give insights into the wellbeing and engagement of student communities.
Credible, safe, accessible support
Our touch-of-a-button crisis factsheets are available to students 24/7, providing safe, reliable support. All our content is evidence-based and reviewed by university health experts. On-screen emergency contacts are personalised for each university.
The right channel
We reach students through social messaging – their favourite communication channel. Cutting through the noise of traditional comms, Unihealth makes a direct and personal connection with each student, fostering their sense of connectedness and belonging with their university.
Positive student experience
Signposting to university events, volunteering opportunities and resources for ‘how to help a friend’. Unihealth promotes an inclusive and compassionate culture that is free from stigma, discrimination and harassment.

Coming soon: webinars

Following the success of our previous webinar series, we will be running some brand new webinars early in the new year.

What to expect:

  • Join key university support staff from around the UK
  • Learn about our unique support programme and how it is making a real difference to students
  • Discuss evidence of best practice in student support
  • Join a live Q&A

Our next dates for webinars will be announced on this page very soon.

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