What is Unihealth?

We believe in a world where university students are empowered to make wise choices on their personal health and wellbeing. We are on a mission to educate and inspire students using innovative and intelligent tools. Let’s improve university student wellbeing and resilience for good.

Using over 15 years’ experience in behaviour change communication and our one-of-a-kind mobile messaging platform, we’ve built Unihealth.

Welcome to the UK’s first health and wellbeing mobile messaging programme for university students.

NEW: Unihealth user feedback report.

Our first results from the first Unihealth programme are through, and they are extremely encouraging. 100% of students claimed the programme is at least one of the following: useful, relevant, easy to understand, informative, supportive or reassuring.

84% of students said Unihealth messages helped them to look after their physical, emotional or mental wellbeing.

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How Unihealth Works

Perfect timing
UniHealth ‘pushes’ messages to students at key moments. Through research and close work with your institution to fully personalise the programme, we identify pinch points on the academic calendar for specific issues for first years. UniHealth sends students tips and coping tools when they are most useful and relevant.
Support in students’ pockets
We send messages directly to students’ phones through social messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger. UniHealth is the first programme in the UK to offer students support in this format.
Content with impact
We are health and behaviour change content specialists. Behind every UniHealth message is a solid evidence base and all our content is reviewed by experts. We apply behaviour change principles to nudge students to adopt positive health behaviours.

What benefits your students, benefits you.

  • Reach hard to reach students
  • Empower students to manage their own health
  • Boost students’ resilience
  • Supercharge existing communications and campaigns
  • Offer students effective, strategic support
  • Collect data. Measure impact
  • Signpost students to the right resources
  • Achieve much higher engagement with your students
  • Broadcast ‘emergency’ messages to all students quickly

Unihealth is available to all UK Higher Education Institutions.

Start making a difference. Find out how to get Unihealth for your students.